Napkin rings – a new variation on a theme

ss923 Img_1023 webWhen N & P got married, I was asked to make a gift for them which were a pair of napkin rings which interlocked.  So far so good – I’ve done that before.  When child C came along, I was commissioned to make a further napkin ring. The easy choice is to add it on to the side, but isn’t it better to put the child between the parents?

The bees are back!

I’ve made some more of my large bee brooches.Bee 2 1078

I’ve made three – one has been sold and one will go in each of my Artweek shows and then later in May onto the website.  These are an improved design and manufacturing process, but  they are still all slightly different.  The size is just over 6 cm across the wings.

Replacement earrings

The recipient of a pair of earrings made by me lost one.  Fortunately, she kept the presentation wallet with my website address on it and got in touch.

She sent me the existing one and using that as a model was able to make her a replacement – so she’s happy again.  One advantage of buying from me!

I have converted a single earrings to necklets before now.  This is often a good solution if the earrings had sentimental value.

My new flyer

Some of you will have seen my sets of postcards with the red backgrounds, each showing a different selection of my work.  You can see the cards if you put ‘John Huddleston Silver’ into Google and then click on ‘Photos’.

However, I’ve just designed and had printed a flyer with some of my newer work. Here are two low-res images and a link to a pdf version.  Don’t forget it is letter folded in hardcopy.

Flyer Mar13 all jpgs webFlyer Mar13 all jpgs 2 web

Flyer Mar13 all jpgs

If you want a paper copy just let me know!


Diamond Jubilee marked spoons

These spoons are back from the Assay Office where they have been carefully marked in the bowl.  They need finishing – final checks and a full polish, then they will be made available shortly in my website shop.

Use of cookies on my website

I don’t generate any cookies as part of my code.  This blog software creates cookies if you leave a comment.  The shopping cart uses cookies as part of its operation and I also use Google Analytics to improve the website by understanding how it is viewed.  These are all very common and harmless uses of cookies.

Talking about silver

I’ve developed a 45-60 minute talk about silver suitable for local groups.  I cover sources, uses, price, hallmarking, how to make silverware and how to care for it.

I’ve given the talk in Radley a couple of times and it seems to go down well.

I shall be giving the talk to the Stonesfield WI tonight and to the Wantage Probus club in October.

Keum Boo enhancement

Keum Boo Gold on sterling silver pendant
This is my test piece where I depleted the sterling silver to allow the gold foil to fuse

Keum (or Kum) Boo is a process for affixing fine gold foil onto fine silver for decoration. See on my main website for more detail at this page.  Up until now , I have fused the gold onto fine silver, but i’ve just tried successfully to put foil on sterling silver by depletion silvering.  To pretreat the sterling sheet, I did the heat / acid/ heat / acid  cycle seven times, but the end result is good. I am pleased with the result and will do more.

New ring style

New for me anyway – simple clean style suitable for fingers, thumbs and toes.  Watch for pictures on my main site soon.

Diamond jubilee hallmark

I’ve just had back from the London Assay Office, two ingots with the Diamond Jubilee mark and hallmarked for next year i.e. ‘n’ not ‘m’.  These are trade samples and cannot be sold this year.  I’ll load a picture soon.

I would do it now but my Seagate Goflex home network hard drive is not working properly on any of our machines and I’m waiting for the third attempt at a solution from Seagate’s customer support.  Not buying another one from them!

Welcome to my blog

My blog is really a convenient way of showing my latest work.  This includes commissions where appropriate and speculative work.  I try to give links where the piece is available in my shop.

Occasionally there’s some news too.