The gallery below shows selected examples of my work set out roughly in the order of my shop . Also look on my blog – click on the ‘New Work’ filter on the right.  You can see I’ll tackle most projects – let’s talk!

I work in

  • sterling, Britannia and fine silver,
  • 9 and 18 carat yellow, red and white gold
  •  copper

I’ve incorporated precious and semiprecious stones and minerals – such as opal, ruby, haematite, garnet, blue topaz, jet and peacock ore.

I’ve made features for cow horns, wooden bowls, lecturns, boxes, walking sticks and paperweights.

I’ve made abacuses, bangles, belts, bookmarks, bottleholders, bowls, boxes, bracelets, brooches, buckles, bullets, candelabra, candlesticks, chains, charms, chokers, christening gifts, clothes pegs, coin mounts, crosses (including St Brigid’s cross), cufflinks, cutlery, dishes, dog collars, earrings, egg stands, egg timers, ferrules, forks, fossil jewellery, fossils, stands, glasses holders, golf accessories, golf balls, identity bracelets, ingots, key fobs, keys, lace bobbins, lapel pins, matchsticks, medal clasps, morse, musical items, napkin clips, napkin rings, nappy pins, necklaces, paper knives, paperweights, pendants, plectrums, rims for wooden bowls and horns, rings, shells (sea and baptism), shoehorns, silhouettes, spanners, spirit measures, spoons, stands, tea light holders, teeth, thimbles, tie clips, trophies and wedding rings.

In my designs, I’ve used the shapes of  bees, beetles, cats, daffodils, dogs, dragons, ducks, frogs, geodes, heart shapes, horses, labyrinths, leaves, musical notation (e.g. treble clefs), nuts, owls, ploughs, sand dollars, seeds, shark’s teeth, shells, starfish, sweets, turtles, volcanoes and wishbones.

If you want to see more, there’s plenty on my old website that’s still lurking in the background (opens in a new window).