I enjoy working with a client to develop a piece of jewellery or silverware that will mean something special to both the giver and receiver of the item.

Silver sand dollar
Sand dollar – underside – memories of the West Indies

Over the years, I have made wedding presents, christening presents, 18th and 21st birthday gifts, silver, ruby and golden wedding anniversary presents – though not necessarily in that order! I try to make sure the work is hallmarked in the year of the anniversary, i.e. the current year.

Heavy silver chain
Heavy silver chain – for a special birthday

If you have an occasion or memory that you’d like marked by a commissioned article, please browse the examples of my work.  Then contact me to discuss how we might crystallise your requirements.  I can work to a supplied design, but I think the best results come from an interaction with my customer such that I interpret their requirement, rather than implementing their drawings. I don’t work to engineering accuracy, so I don’t offer precise dimensions nor completely accurate shapes, but the result will look pleasing to the eye.

Silver pendant mount for a mineral sample
Silver pendant mount for a mineral sample – a leaving gift

I can’t engrave items myself, but can arrange it. Please see my terms and conditions.

I like to develop designs incorporating stones or other materials provided, but I can’t accept any responsibility should they break or be damaged while I am working with them. More details

A simple silver pendant using the client's stone
A simple silver pendant using the client’s stone

Other commissions might be a limited run, themed set of jewellery to celebrate an event, building or organisation. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.  Dependng on the agreed cost of the work, I will ask either for a deposit or full payment in advance.