I run an annual short course in the autumn term for the Abingdon Silver Group.  This is a ‘crash’ five week course covering practical and theory.

As you can see from the examples of my work, I can cover a wide range of techniques.  I start from basic cutting, filing and soldering to casting, with sections on metals and hallmarking. By the end of the series of classes, I would expect you to understand what could be done, albeit not necessarily the full detail of how AND the experience of having made something yourself!

To get people started, I have a set of instructions for some straightforward pieces.

Full details are here.

I occasionally do some individual tuition at my workshop.  These courses are 1:1 or 1:2 and cost £50+any silver used per session.

Topics could include

  • basic introduction by making a ring and maybe something else
  • casting – cuttlefish and delft clay
  • keum boo and gold plating
  • or how to make pieces shown on my website

I try to pass on my knowledge of what works for me.  I don’t claim to be an expert in all aspects.

Here are a ring and a star motif each made by two students in a session. See here for more detail.

Silver RIng and star motifs by students
RIng and star motifs

And a ring and earrings made by another student.

A silver ring and a pair of holly leaf earrings

Please ask.

My experience

I taught silversmithing for about 15 years as an evening class for Abingdon College until 1999.

From May 2008 to March 2009, I ran a set of evening classes for Oxfordshire County Council Adult Learning at St Birinus in Didcot on Thursday nights. I also taught three successful one-day workshops at Cheney School in Oxford from July 2008 to March 2009 for OCC. While I enjoyed the contact time and had very good feedback from my students, I decided that the obligations of public sector teaching did not justify the rewards.

Here are some examples of rings that were made in my classes.

Since then I’ve been developing my own skills and running the courses mentioned above.