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Gold highlights

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This page demonstrates my use of the ancient Korean technque of Keum Boo.  This involves careful preparation of the silver surface, then fusing a thin sheet of gold to form a robust gold layer.

Gold cats

Gold cat
This cat brooch has a continuous film.
Silver cats with gold collars
This pair of cat brooches have just got small gold collars.  You can start to get a feel for the thickness of gold on the left cat.

Gold highlighted earrings

Earrings with gold band
These earrings had the gold leaf fused and then rolled with a pattern plate to get the texture.
Gold highlighted earringsGold highlighted earringsGold highlighted earringsGold highlighted earrings
Here are some more examples with a touch of gold applied using the Keum Boo technique
I work in gold on request - for example the opal  ring on my rings page and I have had work gold plated - notably the golden hazelnut.