Medallion repair

This medallion is a treasured possession, but after years of wearing the plating on the base metal disc has corroded and the suspending loop pulled off with some of the plating.  To rescue it, I created a bezel for the coin which securely holds it, covers the damage and provides a new suspension point.  It should be fit for a good few years more now.  The bezel is similar in principle to the surround I use for 50p coins.

Matching a lost cufflink

Matching a lost cufflink

The cufflink on the right lost its treasured partner.  I managed to copy it using delft clay casting.

Whilst I would have preferred to smarten up the old cufflink and make them both bright and shiny, the owner enjoyed the somewhat battered character of the existing one.  So I distressed the new one a little to make it similar.

Adding a grandchild’s name to a pendant

I didn’t actually make this pendant, but I do make something very, very similar.  The gift was given when there were three grandchildren, but now there’s four!

Engraved silver ring pendant

To make it wearable again, I made a new silver ring to match and then arranged for it to be engraved in a similar font to the others.

Silver spoon stem repair

Spoon before repair

This well loved spoon was used for stirring and removal of a teabag, but unfortunately was showing signs of wear after many years of use.

I successfully soldered the crack closed and repolished it.  It should be good for years to come.

Spoon after repair

(My thanks to the owner for permission to use his ‘before’ photo.)

Laser welder repair

My first real repair job using the welder.

Silver pepper pot

As you see it, the left knuckle of the base had come off and the right knuckle had broken.  This was probably due to the lid being forced after the pin got gummed up.

I fixed the knuckles by laser welding them and made a new silver pin that was fitted in the normal manner.

I wouldn’t have attemped this repair without the laser welder.

Silver cup repair

This is an example of a fit for purpose repair rather than a perfect restoration.  The owner has happy to have a few dents as part of it’s character, but not to the extent of the base being uneven and so unstable that it couldn’t hold her drink safely.


Silver cup before repairAfter

Silver cup after base repair

Safe and stable  now.

Silver bowl repair

Some repairs I can do, some I can’t.  Some bends, marks and dints,  I can fix and some I can make look less obvious, but not a perfect restoration.  This is an example of a bowl that I made much better, but not perfect.

Silver bowl improved

I like to see at least pictures of the piece before I commit to doing anything and any repair I do is subject to my terms and conditions.

Repair of a silver dagger brooch

On the left you can see it as received and on the right with a new pin catch and the chain reattached.  Fortuately the beautiful filigree work on the front face remained intact.

Silver dragonfly bracelet repair

This style of bracelet has a design flaw.  When the bracelet is flexed to get it on and off it work hardens and fails at the thinnest point which is the wing joint.

Silver Dragonfly bangle broken

I managed to rejoin the wing and added a brace section underneath for added strength.  It doesn’t affect the looks or wearability, but should make the bracelet last a good few years now.

Silver dragonfly bracelet fixed

It’s not the first I’ve had to fix!

Twiddle ring repair

When I was asked to repair this ring, there were no floating rings – they had slipped off/ broken or otherwise vanished.  Two copper and one silver ‘distressed rings were requested and delivered.

Twiddle/ floating ring repair
Twiddle/ floating ring repair

Earring replacement


Gold earring and replacement
Gold earring and replacement

The partner of the earring on the right disappeared and I was asked to make an earring to match it.  The owner was happy with a standard pin and butterfy fitting.  It isn’t perhaps obvious from the picture but the tube is square section and I could only buy round tube.  The solution is to pull the tube through a square drawplate several times to convert the profile.  The match was good.

Hinge knuckle replacement on bracelet

Bracelet with replaced hinges/ knuckles
Bracelet with replaced hinges

One of the knuckles on the hinge of the clasp had torn through completely and the others were  showing serious wear.  It’s a really heavy bracelt and buts a lot of strain on the hinges.  They were originally thin-walled tube, but I’ve replaced them with proper thick-walled hinge tube.  The hinges should last for years and years now.