Silver napkin rings

Customised heavy silver napkin rings
Customised silver napkin rings

This pair of rings are probably twice the weight of the commercial equivalents.   I know a man who does the engraving – letter, size and font as chosen by the client.

Uffington White Horse silver pendant

Uffington White Horse pendant
Uffington White Horse pendant

The horse is about 5cm long and at the limit of my skills to cut from silver sheet.  For this commission, it was important that the horse was as realistic as possible and so it had to be on a backing as two legs are not connected to the body in reality.  Also the mechanical strength of the silver would mean that a freestanding version would be too vulnerable to damage.

Coin mount two and six pence

Half a crown pendant two and six coin pendant
Half a crown pendant

2/6 – half a crown or 12.5d in new(! post 1971) money.  This is will make a pendant of interest for someone.  It is 50% silver so worth more than face value. The silver band is formed around the coin, so it is very secure, but does not damage the coin in any way so my method is safe for all sizes and value of coin.  I have some Roman bronze coins mounted this way in my shop.


Silver lantern pendant

It’s the same lantern as the earrings in the post below, but here is one with a clear stone as a pendant.  Also from this angle, you can just see the hallmark lasered on the base.  Please contact me if you would like to purchase this or a variation.  The lantern is 12mm across and weighs about 5g.

Silver lantern pendant
Silver lantern pendant

Silver lantern earrings

Silver navigation lantern earrings
SIlver lantern earrings

These are a development from a recent commission – I like this design better.  It reminds me of a lantern that someone might carry from the large ring.  These are fitted with green and garnet cubic zirconia to represent navigation lights, but clear or other colour coould be used instead.  The lanterns are hallmarked on the base.  A single one could be used as a pendant.  Do contact me if you are interested in these or some variation.

Silver apricot seed pendant

Over the years, I’ve cast a range of nuts, fruit stones and seeds – walnuts, acorns, nectarines, dates, pecan….. Olives seeds and hazelnuts  in the form of pendants or cufflinks have proved the most popular.  I recently did a silver nutmeg and now I have just cast some apricot stones – because I haven’t done it before and ate some fresh apricots!

I’ve cast both whole stones and a half stone that has a chain loop added so that it can be used as a pendant.

The pendant is available from my shop. Should you want a full stone, please contact me.


Silver spanner keyring

SIlver spanner key ring key fob
SIlver spanner key ring

I’ve made a  few silver spanners over the years.  The first one was in the early 1990s I think.  They are cast in one or two cuttlefish bones depending on whether there is a flat side for engraving or not.

Casting always has some failures.  In the case one half of the spanner wasn’t good enough, but there’s nothing wrong with the half you can see and I thought a key ring might be a good gift for a mechanic or engineer.  You can buy this in my shop.

Silver salt cast handle for paring knife blade

Silver knife handle with iron blade
Silver knife handle with iron blade

The blade is from an old wooden handled knife of my father.  I think it’s a small paring knife – the blade is 5cm long.  Whether it is a family heirloom or something he picked up for 5p in a car boot sale I will never know!

I decided to make a silver handle for it.  This is a salt casting, with a tube beneath to take the knife tang.

The hallmark on the silver was new to me.  I had included the blade when it was sent to the London Assay Office.  They chose not to punch the marks as I expected, but lazered them on adding  ‘+Metal’ to  allow for the iron blade.

UK hallmarks from a silver knife handle
UK hallmarks from a silver knife handle

I’ve had stainless steel brooch pins stamped ‘METAL’ before, but never  the base metal unscathed and the hallmark done like this.  Not that I mind at all – it just wasn’t what I expected.