2018 sterling silver ingot and bracelet

These were a special order as a gift.   Though the ingot looks much the same as my other ingots, it is  slightly larger and thicker so that it is twice the weight of my normal ingots.

Bees and large starfish back in stock

I’ve made a new batch of large bee brooches and smallers bees which can bee pendants or brooches.  the small be design has been changed to follow the design of the large bee and all bees now  have a guilded thorax.  Here’s a small bee as a pendant.

Small silver bee pendant
Small silver bee pendant – can also bee a brooch

You can find them in my shop.

I’ve made a new set of large starfishes.

Silver starfish pendant
Large silver starfish pendant

No real starfish have ever been involved in the production of these pendants or the smaller versions.  Find them in my shop.

Silver walking stick ferrule

I’ve just delivered a sterling silver ferrule for a customer’s walking stick.  Here is a photo my customer took having fitted the ferrule.

SIlver ferrule for a 16mm diameter  walking stick
SIlver ferrule for a 16mm diameter walking stick

“It’s a lovely fit and has reallly finished the cane off – it looks great”


Silver clothes peg

Everyone needs silver clothes pegs!  Mine are solid silver with a silver spring, which doesn’t have much tension.  They are great as ornaments or maybe paperweights, but not fit for the washing line!

Full sized solid silver clothes peg
Full sized solid silver clothes peg

Available from the shop where there are other options available too.

Silver belt buckles

I’ve just made three silver buckles for leather belts – two were comissions, but one is available in the shop.  this image is of one of the commissions with a heavy duty black English leather belt.

Silver buckle with black leather
Silver buckle with black leather

The buckles were cast into a cuttlefish bone which was treated to bring out the bone structure and the delicate pattern seen here.

Copper/ silver/ brass chain bracelet

I made this for me as I wanted to move on from the style of copper/ silver bracelet that I’ve been wearing for some years now.

Copper/ silver/ brass chain bracelet
Copper/ silver/ brass open curb chain bracelet

This has silver, copper and brass links to give an interesting variation of colour.  Because I’m hamfisted, I’ve made a matching toggle and loop clasp which even I can operated quickly.  Unfortunately it doesn’t stay this shiny for long.  Maybe I should make a red/white/yellow gold version!


More cats

A bespoke cat brooch – required to be like a treasured but lost brooch without a picture.  After several discussions and an intermediate visit, this is the result.

Silver cat brooch
Silver cat brooch

The owner is very happy.

Silver eucalyptus seed

Within thanks to Amanda, who I met at Art in the Barn, here is a delft clay cast of a eucalyptus seed which has a fascinating five fold symmetry. It’s about 20mm diameter and weighs 12g.

Eucalyptus seed cast in sterling silverI tried hard, but the picture doesn’t quite do the casting justice.  I shall be making some buttons using the seed for a featured button on a single button coat or cardigan.

Artweeks City at 369 Woodstock Road

Artweeks in Oxford started with a beautiful sunny weekend and we are here until and including Bank Holiday Monday. I shall be here everyday, but not until the afternoons. The site is open from 11:00 till 18:00 apart from Thursday when we have a late night till 20:00.

All my new filigree work is on show and some other new pieces including pendants with yellow quartz, peacock ore and pistachio nuts.

New Roman style brooch/scarf/toga pin

Roman style silver brooch/ toga pin/ scarf pinThis is a classic, at least Roman, design of clasp.  This has been inspired by a design that I saw in a case at the museum at Wroxeter.

It is available for sale in my shop and is from the first batch from the batch assayed in 2014 with my new 1.75 mm sponsor’s mark punch.