Sterling silver baptism shells

A recent commission has been to make a shell to be used during a christening.

Sterling silver baptism shell

This shell is about three inches wide and is inspired by a scallop shell.  In developing the idea I cast a sea shell, but, at 1.5 inches across it was too small to be practical in the ceremony.  The detail on the outer shell has come out well in the casting.

Sterling silver sea shell
Sterling silver sea shell

That inspired me to cast something larger and I bought an example of Pseudopecten acuticosta.  The fossil was found in Gloucestershire and is about 170 million years old.  It is about 2.25 inches across.  It is only a half section, recessed on the other side, so could be used for a baptism though it doesn’t hold much water.

ss1353 Img_3594s
Cast sterling silver fossil shell Pseudopecten acuticosta

As developments of the original commission, the image below shows a shell shape  that doesn’t have a handle.ss1355 Img_3620s

And finally, for now…

ss1354 Img_3613s
Sterling silver shell

This shell is a pressing based on the fossil above.  It is nearer 2.5 inches across and very suitable for a baptism shell.

All bar the top shell are available for sale in my shop.