More Yantra designs

Following the development of the yantra pendant posted earlier, I have now made some more full sized pendants in both silver and copper.

No one yantra is quite the same! The silver pendant is hallmarked, but the earrings are not.  Please contact me if you would like to buy from this range.  they are available now and will be on my website later in the year.

Copper silver rings

Copper silver rings
Copper silver rings

I make these rings to order.  These are two copper strand and one silver, but other permutations are possible from all silver to all copper.  One customer said

‘Rings fit perfectly, probably all psychological ,arthritic discomfort has melted away.’

Please note copper rings are not mentioned in  the official NHS Nice guidelines for osteoarthritis management.  I make no claims whatsoever.



A new silver dog collar

This latest collar improves on the previous solid version by having a hinge to make it easier to fit.  Also, of the three ‘ sizing ‘ slots, only the outer was to be used, which simplified the design.  The collar has a perimeter of 38 cm and weighs over 200g.

The padlock  is a Tiffany one – I haven’t attempted one yet.  The engraving was done by Sam James Ltd.

‘I LOVE it. Beautiful!! Thank you John!’

Orion nebula silver ring

Not one of my best photos and the ring wasn’t finished at this point, but this is ring is a present for someone for whom the Orion Nebula is special.

Orion nebula silver ring
Orion nebula silver ring

Silver panther keyring

SIlver panther keyring keyfob
SIlver panther keyring

Not much else to say – a commission.  Thick silver sheet for durability. The panther is about 5cm toe to tail.

Chinese ideogram ingots

A set of three ingots with ideograms engraved – health, happiness and success.

Health, happiness and success silver ingots
Happiness, health and success silver ingots

They were required for a special birthday early in 2018.  To avoid stress, the engraving was done in 2017 (not by me!) and the assay done in 2018 so that the date letter was correct.  However a normal stamped hallmark could damage the ideograms so they were laser hallmarked.

2018 date letters on each ingo
2018 date letters on each ingot

They have extra depth to ensure longevity.

Thank you so much for the beautifully finished necklaces I commissioned from you.  You took time to understand what I was asking for and suggested how this could be created.  The necklaces are wonderful.  I am really finding it hard to find a description that does them justice.  Thank you.


Gold twisted wire ring and gold hoop earrings

I’m ocasionally asked whether I work in gold.  The answer is yes – but only on request.  Here are two recent examples.  The earrings are about 20mm in diameter.  The ring was made to complement a similar silver ring.

Silver hazelnut keyring

Such an obvious omission from my range.  This was a request, but it will be in my shop shortly after I have cast some more hazelnuts.

Silver hazelnut keyring  keyfob
Silver hazelnut keyring