John Huddleston Sponsor's mark


Examples of my work

I work mainly in silver using a range of techniques to produce distinctive jewellery and silverware. .  Generally I work in sterling silver as it is more robust and there is a greater choice of stock material, but I do work in other grades of silver and gold as the project dictates.

I particularly enjoy making pieces that mark or stimulate memories of specific occasions. Almost all I make is unique, either to commission or because I had an idea or simply wanted to experiment with a technique. It's all very limited edition. There are some items for sale in my online shop.

I make bangles, beetles, bookmarks, boxes, brooches, buckles, candlesticks, chains, christening spoons, cufflinks, earrings, napkin rings, nuts, necklaces, pendants, paperknives, rings ... and a whole range of other invaluable items from clothes pegs to silver wishbones. Just click on a link below or view some recent commissions. Some commissions are matched sets – a set of perhaps a bracelet, earrings and a pendant with a common design strand.

This gallery is organised by subject, please click on the word of interest. The letters are date letters from a series of ingots - I have made at least one every year since I registered my mark. I've been doing it for a while now - that's why I'm on a second cycle of letters!

Abacus, agate bowl
Letter NLetter n 2012
Napkin rings, napkin clips, necklaces, nuts
Letter b
Letter OAssay letter 'o' 2013
Ornaments - bottleholder, fossils, owls, paperweight, salt castings, turtle
Letter PDate mark P 2014
Paperknives, pendants, plectrums
Letter d
DNA theme
Letter QAssay date letter q 2015
Letter e 1Letter e 2
Letter RUK Hallmark date letter r 2016
Religious theme, rings
Letter fAnother letter F Ferrule, forks , fossil jewellery
Letter SDate Letter 2017
Seeds, sets, shark's teeth jewellery,
shoehorn, spanner, spirit measure, spoons
GAnother letter G
Geode stand, glasses holder, gold highlights golf ball, golf accessories
Letter T
Tea light holder, thimble, tie clips, turtles
Letter HLetter h 2007
Letter U
Letter I
Ingots, identity bracelets
Letter V
Letter i second series
Judaism, jet
Letter W
Walking stick parts, wishbone
Letter kLetter k 2009
Key, key fobs
Letter X
Letter LLetter L 2010
Labyrinth, lace bobbins, lapel pins
leaf designs
Letter Y
Letter MLetter M 2011
Matched sets, musical items
Letter Z

There are 25 letters in the cycle, usually omitting 'j'. For 1983, the letter is considered to be an ornate 'I'.  For the cycle starting in 2000, it was decided that 'i' and 'j' were too similar as were 'i' and 'l', hence 'j' was used for 2008. Generally 'J' is omitted from the cycle of letters. More about assay marks here