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Christening gifts

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Nappy pin
SIlver nappy pin
This silver nappy pin can be engraved on the reverse of the heart. It's about 6 cm long and weighs 10 grams. It is available for sale in my shop.
Engraved stem of Christening spoon
Bowl of Christening spoon with hallmarks
I make other styles and sizes of christening spoon. This is one area where I like to get the hallmark to match the year of the event.

Nursery bracelet

Identity bracelet

Nursery bracelet
engraved identity bracelet
The nursery bracelet expands for ease of wearing - though it was only ever worn once and now it's far too small. The identity bracelet was to a design specified by the purchaser.


Cross with initials
Crosses with a significance to the owner beyond the connotations of religion.