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Mesh bracelet
Lapped washer bracelet
Chain bracelet
Twisted three wire
Thai waeve bracelet Nursery bangle Solid torq S-shaped bracelet
Vindolander bracelet Highclere bracelet bark effect bracelet Double twist & ball bracelet
Staggered hallmarks Bangle with featured hallmarks Thick hallmark bracelet twisted Thick Hallmark bracelet
Rhyolite ball bracelet Bracelet with mounted stones DNA bracelet Wiggly chain
Haematite silver knot bracelet Silver ankh    
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Mesh bracelet
Mesh bracelet
Whilst a substantial piece of silver, this bangle has a delicate pattern embossed on it to form a striking dress bracelet.
Lapped washer bracelet
Lapped washer bracelet
Not the best name! Each 'washer' has a dimpled texture which gives the bracelet a light catching effect that is not captured in this image.
Chain bracelet
chain bracelet

A simple chain-based bracelet with a carabiner clasp for easy fitting. Can be used as the basis of a charm bracelet.

Wiggly chain
Wiggly chain
It is made from interlocking circular rings - each one soldered so the chain is very strong. A very solid bracelet with an easy to operate, yet safe clasp.  This was actually the test piece for my necklace chain commission and is in sterling silver.
Bangle with featured hallmarks
Plain bangle with featured hallmarks
The bracelet above shows the 2009 hallmarks for the London Assay Office - plain but striking. The one below is similar but unusually features staggered marks and also space for engraving a name in the centre of the bracelet.
Staggered featured hallmarks
Staggered hallmarks on bracelet
Thicker bracelet with featured hallmarks
Thick hallmark bracelet
Thicker twisted bracelet with featured hallmarks
Thick hallmark bracelet twisted
Millennium bangle
Millennium bracelet
There was a special mark for the Millennium featuring the hallmarks of 2000, hence the letter 'a' and the Millennium mark on the right. The Millennium mark was available in 1999 and 2000, but we all know the Millennium started in 2001. (I'm not a pedant - really, well not most of the time.)
Solid torq bracelet
Solid torq bracelet
This traditional style bracelet has solid silver balls, not beads, turned by me by hand on my brother's lathe.
Twisted three wire bangle
Twisted three wire bracelet
This was a challenge! It consists of a central heavy square section wire with a thin twisted pair on each face of the square. The ensemble is then twisted and cast knobs soldered on the end.
S-shaped bracelet
S-shaoed bracelet
One of a series of bracelets of round wire and fused beads - simple yet effective.
DNA bracelet
DNA bracelet
The design of this bracelet reflects the research interests of the scientist it was a gift for. Each cell in our body contains approximately two metres of DNA which must be intricately packaged and compacted to fit within the cell space. The bracelet represents one way in which DNA (the wire) can be packaged by the formation of looped structures, mediated by protein complexes (the beads). These loops allow long-range interactions between distant DNA sequences which are critical for proper functioning of the genes encoded therein.
Nursery bangle
Nursery bangle

This bracelet was made for my daughter when she was two. It is expandable, but still didn't fit for very long!

Thai weave bracelet
Thai weave bracelet
This chunky woven-chain bracelet matches a necklet with featured topaz. It fits tightly around the wrist.
Vindolanda bracelet
Vindolander braceletVindolanda engraved
This is a copy of a bracelet in the Vindolanda museum near Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland. I have also produced personalised versions of this with engraving on the inside.  This one says 'Thanks', but in the code used for amino acids on the DNA double helix. Matching ring
Highclere bracelet
Highclere bracelet
This bracelet is based on an Eyptian bracelet on show at Highclere Castle. The original dates from c1350BC and was found at Tell el-Balamun in 1912. This one is hallmarked 2009!
Bark effect bracelet
Bark effect bracelet
This pattern is embossed onto silver sheet using a rolling mill
Double twist & ball
Double twist & ball bracelet
A variation on a simple torc with a full expanding bracelet. Silver is very soft and flexible and readily allows the stretching required to place this on the wrist (or arm).
Rhyolite ball bracelet
An unusual design where the bracelet wire is twisted to form a cage for two rhyolite balls. Matching choker
Mounted stones
Peridot, moonstone and rock crystal bracelet
Bracelet matching a necklace.  See sets.  Stones are peridot, moonstone and crystal.
Haematite knot bracelet
Haematite silver knot bracelet
This knot style bracelet also works without the stone. I have made rings in that style. This stone is haematite - just because I like haematite!

See also identity bracelets and bangles


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