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I usually make earrings to complement another item of jewellery - a pendant or a necklace. See pendants and sets for examples.

The four pairs below are examples of ones that 'happened' on their own, though the second from the left is a development of an earlier design.

Rolled grid earrings
Textured trangle earrings
Twist earrings
Fine twist earrings

The first two on the left above are produced by rolling material onto silver. The first, not surprisingly is a metal mesh. The second is produced by impressing some pieces of old corduroy jeans!

The second from the right above is a simple style - produced in a short time - very 'off the cuff'. The rightmost design is a simple twist of fine (99.99% pure silver) that is elegant and effective - and very popular with my customers. The design comes in different lengths and textures (polished/satin or dimpled).  Below left uses the technique 'kum boo' to fuse a layer of gold foil to the surface of fine silver.  After that the sheet was embossed with a pattern.

Square bark/gold earrings
Collection of pressed wire rectangular earrings
Below are some more examples.
Flower earrings
Doubels trand earrings
Bark effect earrings
Twisted tube earrings
Dangly round earrings Chain loop earrings Fetter link earrings Mosaic earrings
Embossed earrings Textured earrings Rolled concave earrings trapezium earrings
Labyrinth earrings Diamond shaped earrings with  ahole in the middle Textured rectangular earrings Leaf earrings
Air balloon earrings Three dome gold centre earrings looped earrings - square section Two oval satin earrings
Other items from the labyrinth set

Earrings can have studs, wires or screws - just ask!

I always sell earrings with new earwires.

See yet more earrings on my Picasa webspace at



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